Bankruptcy Basics in Missouri

Bankruptcy is a legal remedy created as a safety net for individuals and businesses. Filing for bankruptcy isn’t an admission of failure. It’s a legal tool you can use to restore your financial health. At Debt Doctors of Missouri, you can work with highly-experienced Springfield bankruptcy attorneys backed by a team of dedicated professionals. We have earned a reputation for being a leading firm serving clients in need of debt relief throughout Southwest Missouri. 

Our Bankruptcy Practice

Our bankruptcy practice falls into three main areas: Chapter 7, Chapter 13, and Chapter 11 filings. Each type of filing is distinct with its own rules, purposes, and procedures. But all bankruptcy chapters have been designed to provide relief for individuals and businesses facing potential insolvency and financial losses. Read more about each of these types of bankruptcy below to gain an introductory understanding. Then call (417) 283-4002 or contact us to schedule an appointment for your free, initial consultation.

Although we would have preferred NOT to have had to obtain an attorney for this purpose, Ted Tinsman was extremely professional and never “shamed” us or made us feel that we should have done better.
Jerry B.

Why Hire Debt Doctors of Missouri?

The Bankruptcy Code is complex and the situation for each individual, couple, or small business is different. You are best served by hiring an attorney with experience, someone who has “seen it all.” Our bankruptcy team has that experience; we have exclusively practiced bankruptcy for 25+ years, filing over 3,500 cases with millions in debt discharged. Furthermore, not all attorneys are equal. Why hire an attorney or a law firm that may only handle bankruptcy cases as a sideline or may only file a few cases each year? Bankruptcy is ALL WE DO, day in and out, working to get the best possible results for our clients.

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